Radar Cast Elite - Noaa Hi-Def Futurecast, Push Notifications, Driving Directions, Lightning Strikes

Radar Cast Elite - Noaa Hi-Def Futurecast, Push Notifications, Driving Directions, Lightning Strikes

Radar Cast Elite - Noaa Hi-Def Futurecast, Push Notifications, Driving Directions, Lightning Strikes

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Know what weather is coming your way with future-cast technology, allowing you to see hi-def radar and anticipated conditions one hour into the future. Instantly know when it’s about to rain or snow with push-notifications to your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

The Only App That…

- Shows hi-def animated past, current and future-radar in a single continuous sequence on a fluid responsive map without having to press a single button
- Can instantly show predicted rain/snow start/stop times for any point on the map
- Allows you to control the loop speed and choose the interval between individual frames from 5 minutes to 1 hour
- Automatically augments land-based radar images with latest images from NOAA satellites covering the Atlantic/Pacific oceans into one single screen

Key Features:

- Stunning hi-def and fast loading radar
- FutureCast radar for up to 60 minutes in the future
- Push-Notification for when it’s about to rain or snow at a bookmarked location
**- TurnCast – weather based GPS driving directions
- Hourly forecast for the next 24 hours, as well as 5 day forecast for any location
- Bookmark multiple locations for quick access
- Easily send radar screenshots via email or social media
- See weather forecast, severe weather warning boxes, storm direction arrows, hurricane forecast tracks, wildfires, & current drought severity on the same map
- Get fast support from within the app

Coverage Notes:

- If you live in a very-high-altitude town in Colorado (e.g. Fraser, Vail, Aspen), most likely this app will not meet your needs since radar beams get blocked by the tall mountains. Alaska coverage includes only the southern coastal areas, and does not include the Aleutian Chain. Cloud coverage does not include Alaska and Guam. Also, push-notifications for rain will not work reliably in Hawaii, Guam and Alaska. Aviation Sectional Charts are not available for Hawaii.

This app is only useful for users in the US, including all 50 states and territories including Puerto Rico and Guam.

What's New in Version 3.0

Finally! This update brings a ton of new features, all packaged in a great design. You need a trusted ally during severe weather season, and this is it.

A sampling of whats been added:
- RadarCast on Apple Watch with Rain Notifications!
- Today Screen Widget that shows a map with Radar or Cloud coverage, Current Conditions, Temperature, and Warnings, all without having to unlock the phone
- Hourly forecast for the next 24 hours
- Swipe through forecasts for all your bookmarked locations
- On screen temperature & conditions display for either your current or bookmarked home location
- Live pressure for current location on devices with a barometer sensor
- Live GPS (speed, altitude, direction) display on the map as you are moving about!
- Beautiful, customized backgrounds for your city
- Temperature specific “Feels Like” icons
- An updated collection of awesome map icons for marking your locations!

Oh, and we brought back the beloved radar progression slider feature. The iOS 8.3 update made it invisible to users, but we recovered it!